Updrade and Downgrade MIUI version


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Hey, You provide amazing info. Here I need to add 1 method.

Upgrade or Downgrade MIUI version Without PC

1. Download the MIUI version and store it into the internal storage of your device. (you can download it from Xiaomi Fireware)
2. Go to the setting> About Phone> choose to check for updates.
3. At the right-hand corner touch on Three dots for more options.
4. Select “Choose Update Package” and then choose the downloaded to setting and choose three dots file from your storage “MIUI ROM”.
5. Now, wait for the completion of the upgrading process.
6. Congratulations!

How To Enable Choose Update Package Option

1. In the about phone> Check Updates
2. Tap on MIUI logo up to 15 times
3. The option is enabled

For more guide visit it Install MIUI ROM on Xiaomi Smartphone